By now, just about every business owner knows the importance of having a high Google ranking. It’s actually quite simple: If your website appears on the front page of Google for the keywords that best describe your business, you can expect a ton of traffic from customers looking online.


And if it’s at the Number One spot, you have a good chance of capturing the market completely.


People now use the Internet — especially via their mobile devices — as the primary method of looking for the products and services they want. Need proof? When was the last time you saw a Yellow Pages, let alone used one?


Google Algorithm


So getting at the top of Google rankings is critical for your business. Unfortunately, it’s easier said than done because every other business owner wants the same thing.


One way is to simply buy your way in. If you have the budget for it, Google will be happy to sell you an ad that will appear above all the other listings when people type in your best keywords. But these can be costly. Plus, many users scroll past these paid results to find the best organic results — the ones the actual Google algorithm determined the best match for what they are seeking.


Search engine optimization – Number One Spot


So how can you achieve that top spot? There lots of traditional search engine optimization: Placing your keywords in most strategic places, keeping your content brief and to the point, including appealing photos and graphics, and others.


But the downside is that Google is continually changing the formula it uses to rank results. That’s because when the online search business first started getting popular, savvy business owners successfully figured out how to “hack” the algorithm. So now Google’s engineers have developed a highly complex, top-secret, and continually changing formula for giving users high-quality results.


These days, it’s practically impossible to hack Google. But a professional online marketing business like Lytron Design can significantly improve your rankings and boost your profile on Google so that it’s easier for customers to find you.

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