Most businesses today have an attractive, simple-to-navigate website where online customers can browse, book, and buy. But successful businesses actually have two versions of their company website: One for internet users and one for people using portable devices.

Mobile-ready websites represent the next stage for companies seeking to expand their online presence. They tend to be simpler, cleaner, and less wordy than their web-based counterparts. That’s because they are designed to be viewed by people using smartphones, tablets, and other devices with much smaller screens.

Capturing Customers

Traditional websites designed to be viewed on a laptop or home computer have the luxury of space and clarity. They can feature more content, bigger images, and sharper detail.

But thanks to advancements in smartphone technology, significantly faster WiFi speed, and the availability of broadband practically everywhere, an increasing number of consumers are abandoning their computers and doing most of their web surfing on their smartphones. So businesses need to react by creating mobile-friendly websites that are designed to be viewed on these types of devices.

Streamlined for Surfing

Try viewing a website designed for a computer screen on your smartphone and you will instantly see the problem: Text that is too small to read, buttons that are too small to push, and significantly lower loading speed.

Mobile-ready websites have specific features that make them easier to use for people using smartphones and other portable devices, including larger navigation buttons, reformatted content, and images optimized for viewing on iPhones, Androids, and other mobile devices.

Smart companies have smarter, mobile-friendly websites. Successful businesses recognize the trend towards smartphones and take the appropriate steps to ensure they capture the largest possible pool of prospective customers.

If your website has not yet been optimized for mobile viewing, you are absolutely missing out on the growing trend towards mobile surfing.

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