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There are lots of ways Lytron Strategic can help build your reputation online. But there also are many things you can do in the real world to make yourself and your business more well known in your community.

Building your real-world reputation is just as important as promoting your brand online. While a lot of business today is done through the internet, people still value genuine face-to-face connections with real people — especially in service industries like medicine, dentistry, construction, and cleaning.

Raising Your Profile

People will trust you more if you are a respected member of your community. And you are judged by the company you keep. Introduce yourself to civic leaders and join community organizations like your local Chamber of Commerce or Rotary Club.

If practical, join the local country club or other private clubs where the most influential people in your local area congregate. Develop relationships with important people, especially those within your industry. They may be able to offer practical advice or even send business your way.

Getting to Know You

You have expertise in your industry so make the most of it by promoting it to local media. Send out introductions to local newspaper editors, radio station managers, and television news producers offering your services in stories or segments related to your field. The more you can put your voice and face out in the public eye, the more your customers and clients will trust you. Plus, being well known is good for business.

Consider writing a regular newspaper column or blog related to your field. Introduce yourself to the dean of your local college or university and offer your services as a guest lecturer.

Finally, keep track of all the public appearances, publications, and other achievements you collect so that you can promote them on your social media.

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