The most important element of branding is consistency. Your company’s brand needs to offer the same message, tone, even color schemes and fonts on every piece of collateral you offer — from websites to brochures to print advertising to signage.

Customers are easily confused. So when you blend your branding or offer anything less than consistent messaging, it’s going to deteriorate the overall effectiveness and reduce your overall reach. But when you offer consistent branding across every platform, it will be both inviting and nurturing for prospective customers, making it easier for them to make genuine connections with your business, your products, your services, and you.

Successful Branding

Look at the companies that have had the most successful branding. For example, Apple computers have had essentially the same logo, used the same color schemes and fonts, and offered the same messaging to customers since the 1980s with only minimal upgrades to adjust to modern tastes. But people still consistently connect with the brand because its both familiar and meaningful to them today.

Similarly, companies like Ford, Coca-Cola, Kitchen Aid, Dyson, and others have projected essentially unchanged branding for decades and still attract customers new and old. In every case, they have found something that worked and stuck with it in the long run to great results. If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.

Lytron Strategic

If your business has found a successful brand that customers are attracted to, Lytron Strategic can help keep it consistent across multiple platforms — in both the virtual realm in the real world. And if you are still developing your brand, we can help you find one that will stand the etest of time.

Consistency is the key to successful branding. Once you discover a brand that people can make genuine connections with, it pays to stick with it.

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