Like it or not, you are the face of your business and that’s exactly how people like it.

Most people want to associate a person with a business. When you use your image on your business’s marketing materials, collateral, and even packaging it makes it easier for customers to make genuine connections. They are more likely to trust your business when there is a real person behind it. Putting your name and face on the products and services you offer tells prospective customers you stand behind what you offer. That makes them more willing to believe in your business, too.

Goodbye Anonymity

As the owner of a business, you have to get used to the idea that you are something of a public figure. Using yourself to promote your enterprise is the fastest and most effective way to get people’s trust. It offers a fast track to creating the effective branding you need to promote your business.

People want to believe in your business. And they are more likely to do that when they can put a name and a face on it. Namely, your name and your face.

Perfect Examples

Think about the biggest and most successful businesses in the world today. Even though each of those businesses has hundreds or even thousands of employees, it’s usually just one person that you think of when you think about that company.

Apple had Steven Jobs (and now Tim Cook). Tesla has Elon Musk. Facebook has  Mark Zuckerburg. Your business has you. Get used to the idea of living in a fishbowl because the bigger your business gets, the more people will associate you with the things your business does. And that’s just good business.

So if you are shy or self-conscious about being the face of your business, get over it.


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