To be memorable and effective, brands need to be consistent across all platforms: Print, broadcast, digital, and even signage and face-to-face messaging. Consistency is critical because it inspires familiarity in customers, making them feel comfortable with your and open to your marketing, making it more successful.

Elements like color schemes, fonts, and logo design should be consistent whether they are part of print advertising, websites, brochures, TV commercials, and even packaging. When your branding is always the same, your customers know what to expect from your business. But when it differs from platform to platform, it can be confusing and off-putting.

Amazon Marketing

One example of effective marketing is Amazon. The world’s largest online retailer has done a great job of keeping its branding consistent during every stage of the customer interaction. When you log onto their app or website, it always features the same familiar logo, the same color scheme that is anchored by package brown, and even the same simple, “regular folks” scripting style.

Then, when your package arrives, it comes in a box that features the same “Amazon smile” logo in a box that is the same color as the package brown featured on the website, digital ads, and elsewhere. Even the truck the package arrives in and the uniform worn by the delivery person is consistent in its branding.

Top to Bottom Branding

A lot of thought went into Amazon’s branding. But the results speak for themselves. In less than two decades, Amazon has gone from a niche online bookstore to one of the biggest companies on the planet. And much of that is due to its smart branding decisions.

Consistent branding continually reminds your customers of what your company is all about. Smart branding keeps everything the same on every platform and with every customer interaction.

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