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Today, every successful company has a high social media platform. Publishing content regularly on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and other popular platforms makes sense because that’s where most customers are today.

But publishing just any type of content isn’t a great idea. The posts you publish need to be relevant, on brand, and offer something of value to the people who see them. Random, unhelpful posts will turn people away from your brand. But if you can find a way to post interesting, entertaining, or useful things on your business’s social media platforms, people will actively look forward to your posts rather than tune them out.

In other words, you want to give people something for nothing on social media.

Inform and Entertain

People don’t pay for social media. With a few specialized exceptions, most social media platforms are free to sign up for and free to use as often as people want. Companies like Twitter and Meta (Facebook) make their money from advertising.

Buying ads on the most popular social media sites is a good way to boost your business’s name recognition. But for smaller, local companies it can be cost-prohibitive. So a better way to raise your profile is to create social media accounts for your business and then focus on providing followers with useful, entertaining, or informative posts that actively engage them with your brand.

Managing Social Media

The job of social media manager pretty much didn’t exist a decade ago. But today the biggest companies are hiring young people to manage their social media in order to engage with customers on the fastest-growing platforms in history.

For small businesses like yours, however, it often makes more sense to trust experienced professionals like those at Lytron Strategic. We can craft, launch, and manage your social media sites with posts that make genuine connections with both new and existing customers.


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