The brand you create for your business today could still be around decades from now, or even a century or more into the future. People may encounter your brand in print or broadcast media, online, social media, or even on platforms that haven’t been invented yet.

So the most important element to keep in mind when creating your brand is to keep it consistent. Using the same slogans, trademarks, images, messaging, and even fonts and colors will help people connect with your business wherever and whenever they encounter it.

Branding Consistency

Think about some of the most ubiquitous brands in the world today, those that have been around for many decades like Coca-Cola, Ford Motor Company, Nike, and IBM. While they all offer diverse products and services, the one thing they all have in common is branding consistency.

For example, you can walk into any McDonald’s restaurant anywhere in the world and see the same familiar colors, fonts, images, trademarks, and branding. While the menu may vary from country to country, the restaurant chain has done a terrific job of keeping its branding consistent across many platforms — both physical and virtual — for many, many years.

By setting the tone now with your company’s branding, you can hope to achieve some of the same kind of success as this multinational fast food chain, and other successful brands.

Lytron Strategic

.The decisions you make about your branding now can have important implications for decades to come. Who knows how or where your company will be in the future? The important thing is to create effective branding that can be sustained over time to make genuine connections with customers wherever and whenever they encounter it.

Lytron Strategic can help. Our team of experienced, professional branding experts can collaborate with you to create memorable, consistent branding that can build and grow your business for years to come.


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