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When Apple unveiled its latest virtual reality/augmented reality headset this week, it was a reminder of how fast technology has improved during the past few decades. It’s hard to believe that the first smartphone was released in just 2007. Yet today most people would find it hard to imagine living without one.

Something else that has rapidly evolved is the way businesses communicate online with customers. Back in 2007, websites accessed via bulky desktop computers were rapidly replacing print ads and mailers for many small businesses. Today, most people are more likely to look for the products and services they want online via their smartphones. And tomorrow, it may be VR/AR headsets or even new tech that hasn’t even been invented yet.

Adapting to Change

Ten years, ago, the kinds of websites Lytron Web Design created for clients were completely different than the ones we make now. Today’s business pages need to be interactive, suited for mobile use, and much, much faster. As tech has improved, people’s attention spans have shortened. So most users don’t have time to read through big blocks of text or wait for pages to download.

We’ve changed the way we do our job to better serve our clients. And we already are thinking about new, more efficient ways to produce better results faster using the latest cutting-edge technology that will soon become commonplace, like wearables.

Your Web Design Partner

From our Boca Raton headquarters, we keep up with the rapidly changing tech landscape so that you don’t have to. Our teams of experienced coders and web programmers are constantly discovering new ways to delivery customers to your business using the latest online tools and platforms.

At Lytron Web Design, we do what we do because we want to be your web design partner today, tomorrow, and far into the future.


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