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The photographs, videos, graphics, and other images you use on your web pages can make or break your business. Use the right images and people will love visiting your pages and be more willing to take the action you want them to take.

But if you use the wrong image, it can turn people away, damage your business’s reputation, and even cost you real money. But because the internet is still essentially in its infancy and most small business owners aren’t knowledgeable about copyright law, companies use stolen or unauthorized photos, videos, and other images on their web pages all the time — putting themselves at genuine financial risk.

Image Control

If you use a photo of a famous person, for example, and you don’t have their written permission or a legally binding contract, that person can (and probably will) come at you for damages. The same holds true is you use a video somebody else made without their permission. Or if you include a graphic that wasn’t originally your own,

There are so many ways you can make the mistake of using an unauthorized image on your web pages that most small business owners are at huge risk of liability. For example, even if you use 100% original photos taken by you in your own place of business, if you include the images of customers or employees and you don’t have a signed release form, you could be in trouble.

Lytron Web Design

At Lytron Web Design, we have been helping small businesses create attractive, compelling web pages with fully legal photos and other images for more than a decade. We understand the intricacies of copyright law and we can ensure your websites are never in violation or your business is at risk.

When you want great-looking web pages will fully licensed and approved art, Lytron Web Design can help you achieve your goal.

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