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What do your customers want? Certainly, they want the kinds of products and/or services that your small business offers otherwise they wouldn’t be landing on your website to begin with. But what are they really looking for?

When you can find the answer to this question, it can lead to the creation of highly successful online digital strategies that satisfy your customer’s wants and needs. “Give the customer what they want” has always been a hallmark of good business. But genuinely seeking to understand what the people who visit your website are truly looking for can take your business into the stratosphere.

Customer Motivations

Another way of looking at it is seeking to understand what motivates your customers. They want what you are selling, certainly. But why? What is it that you can give them that nobody else can provide? Or, more importantly, what are you NOT giving them that they truly need?

This is the Million Dollar Question. Find the right answer and it can unlock the future for your business. But how can you know what people want?

One way is to put yourself in their shoes. By acting as if you are your own customer, it’s possible to see your business the way they do — including all the things your doing to meet their needs as well as the ways you are disappointing them.

Lytron Strategic

Another way is to simply ask them. Customer surveys are helpful methods of gaining an understanding of their motivations. When they are done properly, they offer and enlightenment into what your customers are looking for from your business.

Lytron Strategic specializes in helping local small businesses truly understand their customers. We continually collaborate with clients to understand their customer’s desires and then create effective websites that give them what they want.

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