Is Social Media Still Relevant?

Many Screens IphoneX

Many Screens IphoneX

In 2023, most successful small businesses have a well-defined social media strategy. And that makes sense because most people still use their social media platforms on a daily — if not hourly — basis. So getting your brand out in front of prospective customers on places like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook is critical.

But for how long? As new and more popular platforms — like TikTok, Twitch, and BeReal — grow in popularity, the more established sites are starting to lose their luster, at least to the younger, next generation of users who will make up the customer base of the future. So investing a lot of time, effort, and money in promoting your business on Facebook, for example, may not be the best use of your resources.

Next Gen Soc

Successful business owners look not just to the present, but to the future. So planning digital marketing strategies that focus on the newest and most popular social media platforms makes the most sense in the long run. Your small business will likely get more prospects with more loyalty if you reach them on a site that is aimed at the younger, tech-savvy user. And it absolutely needs to be built around video rather than text.

Social platforms that require a lot of typing and reading — like Twitter and Instagram — are losing ground to video-centric sites like TikTok and live-streaming platforms like Twitch. And BeReal rejects the falseness and shallow nature of older social media by offering more reality-based posts that offer both truth and depth.

Lytron Strategic

Social media is undergoing a sea change. What was popular a few years ago is outdated and unfashionable today. The most successful businesses keep up with the latest trends and exploit them to their benefit.

Lytron Strategic knows how to promote your business on today’s most popular platforms where you can reach customers who are actively seeking the kinds of products and services you offer.

As Technology Improves, So Does Lytron Web Design

boca raton building

boca raton building

When Apple unveiled its latest virtual reality/augmented reality headset this week, it was a reminder of how fast technology has improved during the past few decades. It’s hard to believe that the first smartphone was released in just 2007. Yet today most people would find it hard to imagine living without one.

Something else that has rapidly evolved is the way businesses communicate online with customers. Back in 2007, websites accessed via bulky desktop computers were rapidly replacing print ads and mailers for many small businesses. Today, most people are more likely to look for the products and services they want online via their smartphones. And tomorrow, it may be VR/AR headsets or even new tech that hasn’t even been invented yet.

Adapting to Change

Ten years, ago, the kinds of websites Lytron Web Design created for clients were completely different than the ones we make now. Today’s business pages need to be interactive, suited for mobile use, and much, much faster. As tech has improved, people’s attention spans have shortened. So most users don’t have time to read through big blocks of text or wait for pages to download.

We’ve changed the way we do our job to better serve our clients. And we already are thinking about new, more efficient ways to produce better results faster using the latest cutting-edge technology that will soon become commonplace, like wearables.

Your Web Design Partner

From our Boca Raton headquarters, we keep up with the rapidly changing tech landscape so that you don’t have to. Our teams of experienced coders and web programmers are constantly discovering new ways to delivery customers to your business using the latest online tools and platforms.

At Lytron Web Design, we do what we do because we want to be your web design partner today, tomorrow, and far into the future.


Do People Want to Engage with Your Brand?

lytron credibility visibility

lytron credibility visibility

The most successful businesses have brands that people actively want to engage with. Think about companies like Ikea, The Walt Disney Company, or your favorite local sports team. Typically, “fun” and exciting brands don’t need to actively reach out to customers. Instead, people are drawn to them, finding them online or visiting their virtual or real-world locations on their own.

So, is your brand one of these types of engaging, entertaining brands that people are drawn to like moths to the flame? If not, why not? Probably because your branding isn’t hitting the target … yet.

Active Branding

If small business owners think about branding at all, they usually take a passive approach to how people perceive their businesses, products, or services. They focus on quality and service and think that’s enough to get people through the door, or to their website. But it’s not.

To be successful in the digital age, even the smallest business needs to have a carefully crafted brand and messaging that can attract people online and in the real world. Customers need to perceive your business as being something they want to engage with. In other words, you need branding that is active, not passive.

Lytron Strategic

“Well, how the heck do I do that?” Don’t worry. At Lytron Strategic, we have answers.

For more than a decade, we have been helping small businesses just like yours distinguish themselves in the crowded digital marketplace, projecting fun, exciting, and interactive brands that people are naturally drawn towards. Our team of experienced brand strategists can take the best parts of your current branding and blend them into exciting, effective branding campaigns that will put your business head and shoulders ahead of the competition.

Do people want to engage with your brand? They will once the digital branding experts at Lytron Strategic are done developing and promoting your business online.

It May Be Time to Update Your Website

teamwork consulting fort lauderdale web design zoom 1

teamwork consulting fort lauderdale web design zoom 1

When was the last time you updated your business’s website? If the answer is, “Never” or “I don’t remember”, it’s probably time to take a new look at it.

In order to continually attract new customers and retain existing ones, business websites need to be fresh, engaging, and interactive. People need to enjoy visiting your business’s web pages and return to them again and again. Plus, the longer you can keep people engaged with your pages, the more likely you are to get them to act on your call to action — whether it’s to buy a product or service, sign up for alerts and notifications, or whatever it may be.

Hit the ‘Refresh’ Button

Updating your website can make engaging with your business online an entirely new experience. First-time visitors will be impressed with your up-to-the-minute graphics and content and long-time customers will stick around to see what’s new and exciting.

Your website is only as good as its ability to keep people looking at it. New and engaging content and graphics can help attract new customers, retain return buyers, and boost both the reputation and value of your brand. Refreshing your website regularly helps you meet your business goals.

Lytron Web Design

At Lytron Web Design, we have web page experts who can update and improve your existing business website so that people will want to visit it again and again. We also can help make it easier to find, including search engine optimization that takes advantage of the latest Google, Bing, and other search engine algorithm updates.

If it’s been a while since you updated your business website, it’s time to hit the refresh button. Now you can attract new customers, keep current ones, and get a step up on your competitors by letting Lytron Web  Design update and improve your online presence with new and improved web pages.

Sometimes the Oldest Ideas Are the Best Ones

If your business has been around for a while, you probably already have been through dozens — if not hundreds — of marketing promotions. Some of them probably worked while others likely fell flat.

It can be challenging to come up with new ideas to promote your small business’s products and services, to say the least. So why not simply repurpose some of the most successful marketing campaigns from your business’s past? It’s often a fast and simple solution: Attract new customers with old, tried-and-true marketing ideas.

Look to the Past

People love nostalgia because it reminds them of past times in which their lives were simpler, younger, and more carefree. Recreating marketing promotions from the past can often inject new excitement into your old, established business.

It’s nothing new. Major corporations like Ford, Coca-Cola, and The Walt Disney Company have been going into the vault and bringing out old marketing campaigns, brushing them off, refurbishing them, and using them to attract an entirely new generation of customers.

Established campaigns can also help solidify loyalty bonds with long-term customers by reinforcing the trust relationship your business has shared with them for years or even decades.

Dig Into the Archives

Finding your old ideas offers a lot of fun and entertainment itself. Digging into your past marketing campaigns can bring up enjoyable memories and while sparking new ideas for turning the old into the new. Set some time aside to dig through your archives and look at the promotions your business used 10, 20, or even 50 years ago.

Over the course of your small business’s life, you’ve come up with a lot of fun, entertaining ways to attract and retain customers. You don’t have to let these ideas simply be part of your history, Instead, dig them up, brush them off, and put them toe work building your business.

What Do You Need to Know About Web Design? Nothing!

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lytron fort lauderdale strategic agency 1

Most small business owners don’t have a background in computer coding, graphics design, or even copywriting or content creation. They went into their specific field because that’s where their interests led them, not the computer lab.

Yet small businesses today are reliant on web design, social media, and digital marketing to attract customers and clients. Traditional advertising has been replaced essentially by this high-tech form of trolling for customers.

So how much do you actually need to know about digital marketing and web design? Absolutely nothing! At least, not when Lytron Web Design is on your side.

Lytron Web Design

The professional digital marketing experts at Lytron Web Design already have all the tools, knowledge, and experience to create highly effective websites, digital marketing strategies, and social media campaigns for your small business. Our web designers will build exciting, interactive web pages that customers will love, then craft a campaign to deliver people there who are already actively looking for local businesses just like yours online.

You don’t have to know a thing about computer coding, graphic design, content creation, or anything else having to do with web page design because we’ve already got you covered. Just bring any ideas you already have — such as websites you like or branding you already use — and we will build your websites to your exact specifications.

Building the Bottom Line

Most small business owners already understand that customers mostly use their smartphones or laptops to find the products and services they want. So hyperlocal, interactive, and inviting websites and online campaigns are absolutely essential for getting people to buy your products and services.

Lytron Web Design is the small business owner’s ideal solution for connecting the digital and real worlds in your marketplace. We build websites and digital campaigns that effectively promote your small business, attract new customers, and sell your products and services to build your bottom line.

For Effective Branding, Consistency Is Key

The brand you create for your business today could still be around decades from now, or even a century or more into the future. People may encounter your brand in print or broadcast media, online, social media, or even on platforms that haven’t been invented yet.

So the most important element to keep in mind when creating your brand is to keep it consistent. Using the same slogans, trademarks, images, messaging, and even fonts and colors will help people connect with your business wherever and whenever they encounter it.

Branding Consistency

Think about some of the most ubiquitous brands in the world today, those that have been around for many decades like Coca-Cola, Ford Motor Company, Nike, and IBM. While they all offer diverse products and services, the one thing they all have in common is branding consistency.

For example, you can walk into any McDonald’s restaurant anywhere in the world and see the same familiar colors, fonts, images, trademarks, and branding. While the menu may vary from country to country, the restaurant chain has done a terrific job of keeping its branding consistent across many platforms — both physical and virtual — for many, many years.

By setting the tone now with your company’s branding, you can hope to achieve some of the same kind of success as this multinational fast food chain, and other successful brands.

Lytron Strategic

.The decisions you make about your branding now can have important implications for decades to come. Who knows how or where your company will be in the future? The important thing is to create effective branding that can be sustained over time to make genuine connections with customers wherever and whenever they encounter it.

Lytron Strategic can help. Our team of experienced, professional branding experts can collaborate with you to create memorable, consistent branding that can build and grow your business for years to come.


Look for Good Website Ideas Online

lytron consulting agency 2

lytron consulting agency 1

Coming up with an original idea for marketing your business is extremely hard. Through the years, millions of companies have tried countless ways to attract customers. So unless you are some sort of creative genius, developing a plan that has never been seen before is next to impossible.

Fortunately, you don’t have to. There is nothing wrong with taking another business’s website strategy, changing it to fit your specific needs, and making it your own. In fact, it’s what most small businesses do.

You Better Shop Around

Before you start planning a website marketing strategy for your business, spend some time looking at what other businesses similar to yours are doing. And don’t limit yourself to your specific geographic area. Instead, the internet lets you research an unlimited number of businesses anywhere that offer the same types of products and services that yours offer.

Find a few ideas you like and bookmark these websites. Or collect them in a notebook or whiteboard. Take your time. The research phase should take a few days or even several weeks. Then, when you finally are ready to develop your business’s website, you have a library of great ideas to choose from. Mix and match until you find the most eye-catching ideas for your business.

Lytron Web Design

Once you find some ideas you like, it’s time to let Lytron Web Design transform your vision into reality. We can create a professional, optimized website that is certain to attract customers.

Our team of experienced, knowledgeable web designers will build your business website according to your exact specification — implementing all the ideas you have collected from similar businesses worldwide — to create a website that is uniquely your own.

Shaping other people’s ideas into your own is just good business. The reality is that the people whose ideas you copied likely got them from another successful business in the first place. The most important thing is creating an appealing, effective website that makes genuine connections with customers for your small business.

Be Better than Your Competition

search searching online network website concept

search searching online network website concept

There’s an old joke about two hunters in the woods who suddenly come upon an angry bear. As the two take off running, one hunter says to the other, “I hope we’re fast enough to outrun this bear.”

And the other hunter replies, “I don’t have to be faster than the bear. I just need to be faster than you!”

Small businesses don’t have to be bigger than the market they work in. They just need to be better than their competition. And that’s where Lytron Web Design can help. We create websites, digital campaigns, and other strategic tools to help keep you ahead of your competition so you can capture a larger share of the market.

What We Do

At Lytron Web Design, our teams of creative, knowledgeable digital marketing experts have the tools, experience, and talent to develop custom-made websites and digital campaigns that perfectly showcase your business.

Now you get the products and services your business offers directly in front of the people who want them most: Those who are actively seeking them out online right now. We can help you get ahead of your competition so you can attract more customers, make more sales, and build your bottom line.

Faster than Ever

Advancements in digital technology don’t just happen weekly. They happen daily. Even hourly. The experts at Lytron Web Design keep up with the latest developments and put them to work promoting your business online.

We help you be faster, bigger, and better than your competition by putting your company front and center. Through web design, digital campaigns, mobile optimization, and more, we help you achieve and even exceed your business goals.

Find out why so many small businesses are turning to Lytron Web Design to help them grow their business, expand their reach, and raise their digital profile.

Reacting to Cultural Tech Shifts

New High Tech Tools Help Target Terrorists

New High Tech Tools Help Target Terrorists

Technology changes all the time. And changes in tech often lead to changes in the way people interact with it.

For example, the iPhone was first introduced in 2005, which really wasn’t all that long ago. Prior to that, lots of people didn’t have mobile phones. Ad those that did couldn’t use them for much more than talking. Today, it’s pretty rare for anybody to actually use their smartphone to make a phone call. But they use them for pretty much everything else imaginable.


For businesses to be successful, it’s critical that they pay attention to rapid shifts in technology. Companies that didn’t see the Information Age coming were left in the dustbin of history. Similarly, if your website is still mainly built for use on desktop computers or even laptops, you are way, way, way behind the times!

Most people use their smartphones for finding the products and services they want. And thanks to high-speed internet and pretty much global WiFi, they aren’t willing to wait around for your mobile-optimized website to download onto their phones. If it’s not ready instantly, they are likely going to move on to somebody else. And you may have lost a customer forever.

Local, Fast, and Persistent

Today’s best small businesses take advantage of the advances in tech. They don’t run to catch up with them. And they certainly don’t ignore them.

At Lytron Web Design, we can upgrade your website so that it is not only mobile-ready but also poised to capitalize on the hyper-local nature of today’s commercial internet searches. We can get your business posted at the top of the Google responses. And we can optimize it so that visitors are engaged and will stick around to buy.

There’s too much at stake to be a technophobe in today’s web-based business environment. Lytron Web Design has the solutions your business needs to win the war for online customers.