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Brand Archetypes Quiz

Take our brand archetype quiz to find your brand personality and inner voice. Identifying your brand archetype will save you time and money.

Brand personality is a mix of emotional characteristics that shape how people feel before making purchase decisions. Emotions can exert a more powerful behavioural effect than purely rational decision-making.

Brand Archetype Quiz by Lytron Strategic Agency

We’ve developed an easy process to help you to find out what is your brand archetype.  Big brands use this framework for decades.

Our brand archetype quiz has 15 questions. You can easily respond them by clicking on the texts or pictures, according to your personality. 

At the end you will be taken to the archetypes that match your brand personality. Click on More Info in order to be redirected to the video and site explaining more.

We have prepared 12 micro sites with 12 videos to help you to better understand how the archetype framework can help you to differentiate from competitors and better connect with your audience.

What should you do after the brand archetype quiz?

We offer a free 15 mins discovery call to help you better understand the arquetype and its application.

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When neuroscience meets marketing

Neuromarketing is a new science of consumer behaviors that studies how we make purchase decisions and how our emotions and intuition influence us as buyers. The application of neuromarketing by brands is growing, especially as traditional marketing fails to understand consumers’ unconscious emotional experience.

By discovering your brand personality, through our brand archetype quiz, you will be able to learn more about this framework and it will help you to create messages that can evoke a reaction or change your ideal client’s mood. It is important to explore and value feelings, appealing directly to the emotional state, needs and aspirations of your audience.

Your identity doesn’t start with your logo. It begins with an honest look at the core values of your business, such as: Customer focus, Loyalty, Commitment, Great Quality with Affordable Price, Reliability, etc. From these values, we start building verbal elements that will be the foundation for the whole process.

When you focus on these emotional elements, you are able to create one unique voice across your organization and every single person on your team will act and behave based on brand principles.

The archetype framework was created by Carl Jung, who worked for some time under Freud, the founder of psychoanalysis. The two men collaborated, for a while, on a joint vision of human psychology.