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Pursuit of Fullness

Reach Paradise

These are the three archetypes that represent the pursuit of fulfillment: The Innocent, the sage, and the explorer.

We all have some experience of a remarkable moment when the excellent, perfect life seemed possible. We all want to fulfill a longing for some ideal place where we can feel fully ourselves and at home, right? Some psychologists explain this yearning as a desire to re experience the security and harmony of the womb.

We have so many options, in terms of how to pursue our individual destinies, but not too much help to show us the way. That is why archetypes and archetypal stories that provide a road map for self-realization are so relevant. These are the three archetypes that display self-centered personalities and independence:

The Innocent is a bit like the beautiful little child or the wise mystic, filled with wonder at the beauty of it all, still believing it is possible to live in paradise right now. At the lower levels of the archetype, people believe that this is their heritage and therefore become upset when life seems to let them down. At a higher level, the Innocent chooses a more simplistic, more values-driven life and moves into paradise by walking on this determination.

As buyers, when Innocents, find a brand they trust they become extremely loyal, especially brands that make life simple. 

The Explorer is motivated by a feeling of not really belonging, like the Ugly Duckling trying to find its own kind. Explorers ache from basic boredom and uneasiness as if they are constantly searching for something better, but repeatedly they say “not this”, and then they try something else.  All that restlessness is a strategy for exploring new experiences, perspectives, connections, and products that resonate with the Explorer’s inner truth. Down the road, Explorers have the most amazing adventures. 

As buyers, Explorers are independent and questioning. They love to try what is new, so to gain their trust, a brand needs to provide constant innovation and enhancements in products. 

The Sage tells us that the pursuit of paradise is the result of wisdom. Sagers helps us obtain the knowledge to use our independence and success to improve our lives.

As buyers, Sages must have all the proper data they need to make knowledgeable judgments about brands. They enjoy studying, therefore, products that require a learning process appeal to them.