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Pursuit of Mastery

Mark The World

We rarely talk about the Hero, the Outlaw, and the Magician at the same sentence, but they are strong archetypes with a lot of similarities. These 3 archetypes want to stop or change rigid, weak structures. Emotions they share: enthusiastic, energetic, anger, ambition, passionate determination. They are all against limiting, confining, or dangerous reality.

In all three, the basic desire is to take action by demonstrating power. Their fundamental fear is to be seen as cowards or just see their lives passing by.

In Hollywood movies and books, they are often bold lead characters who have their own special power and take risks to change people’s destiny.

These archetypes help common people to rise to difficulties, take chances, break limits, and transform their lives. They are all about transformation followed by stress and euphoria.

Children and adults are fascinated by these 3. Uncertain times require people who are energized by taking risks while searching for better opportunities. They like to prove themselves through trials, which produces high self-esteem and social validation. When these archetypes are alive in people, they focus on transforming the world around.

In the Book Heroes and The Outlaw, the authors make a point where “in the American culture, possibly because this country began with a revolution, Heroes often have a slightly rebellious quality to them, and Outlaws—at least the ones people like—carry on the wilder, more rambunctious qualities of American life without actually undermining the society”.

The Hero (Warrior) takes huge risks to defeat wicked forces to protect people or divine values.

The Outlaw (A disruptive force), may break social standards and habits for the welfare of others (Robin Hood), or they may do it for adventure and self-gain (Bonnie and Clyde), or out of desperate isolation (like Thelma and Louise).

The Magician acts as an instigator for social change and progress.

The Hero, Outlaw, and Magician, as strength archetypes, are represented by brands that offer products and services that can impact and transform people’s lives.