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IT Services

Computer Basic Repair Service

Simple computer repairs. Fix small operation errors, virus and bloatware removal, reinstallation and repair of faulty software and replacement of faulty hardware parts in desktop computers and laptops. $75

Computer Preventive Maintenance

Scheduled tests to identify and fix possible future problems in both hardware and software. $75

Other services we offer:

File Transfers and Backup – Useful when reinstalling the operation system or moving files from one computer to another. $75

Operation System Reinstallation – Restore the operation system to the factory default. $75

Device Network Configuration – Any kind of configuration that allows a device to exchange files and / or connect to services and other devices on its network.$75

Enterprise-level Network Infrastructure configuration – Plan and set up high performance gateways, routers and manageable switches like Cisco, Huawei and Mikrotik for large and high-traffic networks. $120

Network Monitoring System – Set up a system to monitor and identify problems on your network. $90

Remote Network Connection through VPN – Remote access to a network from anywhere on the internet. Useful to create links between networks from different offices or simply to connect your laptop to your office while traveling. $90

Network Security – Set up protection against unauthorized access to your network. $90

Server Configuration and Maintenance – Set up e maintain servers for local network services. $120

Linux Firewall, Server and Workstation Support – Total support for linux-based firewalls, servers and workstations. $120

We Can Send a Technician to Your Business to Fix Whatever Pc/mac/outlook Related Issues You May Have. The Technician Charges Per Hour and You Can Find the Prices Below.