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Strategic Framework

Brand personality is a mix of emotional characteristics linked to a company name. It shapes how people feel before making purchases decisions. Often a brand’s personality mirrors that of the target customer base. Emotions can exert a more powerful behavioral effect than purely rational decision-making.

The 12 brand archetypes

Strategic Framework

There are 12 Brand Archetypes. They are divided into four general human needs. Each archetype represents a deeper need that branches out from the main one.

First introduced in 1919 and primarily used in the field of psychology, it became well established that collective unconscious is cross cultural.

Large brands have been applying the Brand Archetype concept for decades to define their identity, amplify their reach, and connect emotionally to their target audience by reaching out to their subconscious and addressing basic human needs. Usually the Brand Archetype concept is not known by digital agencies and small businesses. As Lytron is both branding and digital marketing agency, results focused, we use Brand Archetypes on our brand creation process and site development projects to increase conversion rate and ROI.

10 Steps Framework:

  1. Study your Ideal Client Personality, Needs, Desires and Main Characteristics 
  2. Align it to an Archetype – What is your Client Main Archetype?
  3. Dive inside to learn what moves you. What is your Passion? Your Vision, Mission, Purpose?
  4. Define Your Own Brand Archetype
  5. Identify Characteristics in Common between your Client and Your Brand
  6. Study your Competition
  7. Find what is Unique between you and your competitors
  8. Create a powerful brand message using the archetypal tone of voice
  9. Project the message into a strong visual image that will resonate with customers
  10. Let your Ideal Client compare and choose you.

As mentioned before, CEO & Business Managers do not make decisions based solely on logical / rational factors.

Regardless of culture, we have what we call the sixth sense, the gut feeling or intuition.  Lytron’s role is to use emotional intelligence to understand its consumer and position its brand in order to promote identification between the two. 

You create a good product / service and we connect you to your customer’s need.

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