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Pursuit of Stability

Provide Structure

People build walls because they need to feel protected, as they have a need for security and order. People with a strong stability desire are more drawn to physical shapes that are square with symmetrically designed layouts. Volvo is a brand that prides itself on the security it provides. Volvo is squarish and safe. The 3 archetypes that represent these needs are the Caregiver, the Creator, and the Ruler.

The Caregiver has an intense knowledge of the human vulnerability, but it is more focused on alleviating other people’s problems (a pre-teen girl may feel more confident baby-sitting than staying home by herself).

The Creator exercises authority by writing a song, a poem, a painting, or creating a new product. The practice of structuring experience into artistic style gives a feeling of power and also provides the world exceptional beauty.

The Ruler takes control, especially in chaotic situations. For the Ruler, life needs to be as predictable and steady as possible. “I have everything under control” Rulers add methods and protocols, that strengthen order and predictability.

Different from the other groups that pursue independence, freedom, untamed nature, the Caregiver, Creator, and Ruler obtain pleasure in places that look well-built: Historic Cities, large buildings, strong cars, cultivated gardens, and parks. They assist in building profitable businesses.

The Caregiver predicts people’s needs, understanding what will make them feel protected, safe, and nourished;

The Creator focus on innovating – new products, new process and frameworks, new marketing structures and approaches;

The Ruler controls these new structures, making sure that quality is consistently delivered.

Because of the risk of life (market changes, new pandemics, new competition, new laws, etc) the Creator, the Caregiver, and the Ruler are especially valuable archetypes for today’s brands as they help to create solutions that will provide structure for growth. They guide us on how to maintain order and stability and how to accommodate our needs for consistency with transformation.