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Digital transformation is the use of technology to improve the performance of a business. New technologies enable process improvement, resources engagement, and business expansion. Achieving digital maturity is imperative to thrive in today’s tech savvy marketplace.


Software Benefits


Digital Transformation

• Easy to Use Agile Management System
• Many Apps - centralized control
• Smart Cloud Business Platform
• Transparent Business Processes
• Intuitive Task Management
• Internal Resources Organization
• Enhanced Customer Experience
• Effective Sales Management
• Efficient Data Analysis


One Software to manage everything

• Time optimization
• Low investment
• Data gathered in one system
• Fast sales order processing
• Easy internal communication
• Automatic calculation of task time & cost
• Easy products management with prices
and description to send quotes
• Easy customer’s data management

Digitalization Services Benefits


Branded / Automated Experience

• Employee email signature
• Canned email templates
• Sales quotation templates
• Project tasks flow template
• Center all communication
• Get leads automatically added
• Track calls and quote forms
• Control sales pipeline
• vCard - Digital Business Card
• Automated review system


Save Time & Resources

• Import customers
• Import / insert products, prices, description for quick quotes
• Creation of project templates for duplication and tasks distribution
• Task organization for easy management of staff, time and resources
• Customizations according to requirements
• Online payment setup
• Template for scheduling activities
• Creation and configuration of electronic contract with digital signature

Implementation Process


1 Define digital strategy goals

2 Define strategic plan

3 Implement operating steps

4 Align talent, people and change strategy via digital enablement