Web DesignSummer is already in full swing but many businesses already are getting ready for fall — especially when it comes to their web design. This year, as more consumers make online searches their primary way of seeking out the products and services they want, having a cutting edge website is more important than ever.


Web design is constantly changing. But here are some trends that could help your website stand out from your competitors.


3D Illustrations


Remember 3D movies? The kind where you had to wear special glasses in the theater to see the picture properly? Today, revolutionary changes in web design allow some illustrations on websites to appear in three dimensions with the naked eye.


These vibrant, artistic illustrations practically jump off the screen to capture the viewer’s attention. They promote a more interactive experience that delight and compel visitors to return to your page again and again.


Screen-Dominating Text


Web page designers have discovered that really big words are effective at capturing the attention of web viewers. No, not words with lots of letters that are hard to pronounce and difficult to understand, but physically big words that dominate the screen.


Huge fragmented messages on web pages instantly grab the eye’s attention and force viewers to focus on the message being displayed. The communicate urgency and immediacy while engaging the viewer’s imagination.


Non-Traditional Cursors


The popularity of video games has led web page designers to replace the traditional on-screen cursor with innovative alternatives. Now the cursor on your web page can be your company’s logo, a mascot, or anything else the delights and entertains visitors while encouraging them to spend more time there.


Designers can also play around with the function of the cursor. Instead of just pointing and clicking, now cursors can click and hold to add new elements, such as to get a .gif file to load or to play a brief video or animation.


The more interactive and entertaining your website is for visitors, the more likely they are to find it, spend time on it, and interact with your business.

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