In recent years, digital devices have become practically universal. Just a little more than a decade ago, most people were still communicating via flip phones, razor phones and — if they were really cutting edge — a BlackBerry.


Today, people are texting, using video chat, sharing high-definition videos, and exchanging data and content on smartphones and tablets that are slimmer, faster, and more powerful than ever before.


So what does the future hold for smartphones and tablets? And what kind of innovations are left that will make our current devices seem quaint and antiquated in another decade or so?


What’s Next for Smartphones and Tablets? Fixing Faults


While today’s devices are convenient, they still have some drawbacks that need to be improved or corrected.


For one, most users who use their devices constantly are also continually struggling to keep their smartphones and tablets charged. It’s a good bet that device manufacturers like Apple, Samsung, and now Google are furiously developing batteries that hold a charge longer — think days rather than hours.


What the WiFi?


Another likely improvement is speed and WiFi coverage. While the networks have been expanding every year since wireless devices were first introduced, there are still a lot of spots where users can’t get coverage or where WiFi is still lacking.


Improvements in bandwidth, coverage, and device processors should make smartphones and tablets faster and give them more capacity so they can accommodate even more improvements in picture and video quality — including virtual reality.


What’s Next for Smartphones and Tablets? Where’s the Wires?


Apple already has eliminated the headphone jack on its newest iPhone 7 and it’s a good bet other manufacturers will soon follow suit.


Headphones tethered to devices with wires will likely become a thing of the past. And look for earpieces to be replaced with high-tech glasses that provide augmented reality, smartphones that double as VR viewers, and other tech that hasn’t even been imagined yet.

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