There is a growing trend among many online retailers to provide on-screen tech support boxes right on their business website. You may have seen these text boxes, which usually pop up at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen when the user lands on the web page.


Typically, these on-screen tech support boxes say something like, “Let me know if there is anything I can help you with today!” They also may include an image of a smiling person wearing a headset.


How On-Screen Text Boxes Work


If the page visitor has questions about your products, services, or other aspects of your business, they can simply type in a text message into the text box.


If the on-screen support screen is being monitored by somebody within your company, they can respond right away in real time. Often this responsibility is “pushed” to a specific department, such as customer service.


Depending on the setup you use for the on-screen text box, any customer inquiries may be forwarded to an individual’s laptop, smartphone, or another device.


On-Screen Tech Support Builds Bonds with Customers – SEO — Building Customer Loyalty Bonds


Having an on-screen tech support box right on your website is a great way to build loyalty bonds with your customers. While a very small percentage of customers will actually use the box, people like the idea that there is a real, live person they can communicate with at any time they like.


It helps them feel as if you genuinely care about their concerns and questions. On-screen tech support text boxes also give you the opportunity to resolve customers complaints, fix problems, and even upsell customers to more of your products and services.


These increasingly popular add-ons to your web pages can be a very effective way to enhance both the usefulness and interactivity of your web pages.

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