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With today’s internet tracking technology, website owners can learn a lot of information about their site visitors. This kind of information is critical because it allows you to customize marketing based on your customer’s preferences.

Tracking tools help you understand how people found your website, what they did when they arrived there, and whether or not they “converted”, or took the action you wanted them to take. Advanced tools can even tell you what sites they visited after yours and what they did there — critical information because it can help you understand their motivations as well as their actions.

Tracking Tools

Think about your own experience. When you visit a new website, it may tell you that the site uses “cookies” that track your actions while on the site and beyond. While you can opt-out, most people don’t. Instead, they simply click the “X” to close the window and keep scrolling through the site.

These cookies are essential to helping website owners understand how people are interacting with their business online. They compile information about what people look at on the site, whether or not they buy the products or services being offered, and even where they navigate afterward.

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Cookies are part of the internet experience. People generally either ignore them or treat them as the cost of using the internet. They are willing to give up a little bit of privacy in order to gain instant, immediate access to practically anything in the world.

While some people are diligent about shutting off cookies every time — and there usually is no penalty for doing so — the majority accept them and move on. As a result, there is a whole world of information available to website operators about the wants, needs, and motivations of the people visiting their websites.

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