Have you run out of ideas for promoting your business? We have one and it’s a good one: A lot of small businesses struggle to find new ways to make genuine connections with customers when they already have everything they need all along in their origin story.

Screenwriters, authors, and especially comic book writers all know that the origin story is one of the fastest, easiest, and most effective methods for engaging readers in meaningful ways. News flash: It is equally effective for small businesses as well!

Your Origin Story

Why did you start your business? How did it happen? What were some of the challenges you encountered along the way?  The answers to all of these questions hold the ingredients to your origin story. Once you start reminiscing about the earliest days of your business, your initial motivations, and our biggest obstacles, the story practically writes itself.

People are interested in origins. They are drawn to adventure. They love a good story about humble beginnings where the protagonist faces and overcomes huge hurdles to achieve their dream. Sound familiar? Your business’s origin story can serve as the focus of your next digital marketing campaign, enticing new customers and building loyalty bonds with existing ones.

Let’s Write Your Story Together

It’s your story. Lytron Strategic can simply help you tell it better. And then we will amplify it so that your story can be shared with hundreds, even thousands, of prospective customers right in your local area. Once people learn how and why you launched your business, they will have an instant attachment to your brand. And they will clamor for the products and services you provide.

It’s an old story but a good one. Share your origin story as part of your marketing and spread the love for your business and your brand.

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