Websites can include lots of important and essential information, such as a business’s location, its hours of operation, and even a description of the products and/or services it offers. But there is one essential question that your website absolutely has to answer if you hope to attract and retain loyal customers: How does your business benefit their lives in real, practical, and immediate terms?

People are online searching for businesses like yours because they want the kinds of things you offer. So if you can convince them that your business solves a problem they are having or meets an urgent need, they will always choose your business. And if you can deliver on that promise, you can make them customers for life.

Problem Solved

For example, let’s say you own a business that provides pet grooming. There likely are dozens — if not hundreds — of other pet grooming shops in your city. So how can you convince the casual visitor to your website that they should choose yours above all of your competitors?

It won’t be by listing facts like operational hours or even prices. The best way to capture their business is to explain how you — and only you — can solve their urgent and immediate problem: The dog they love is dirty and needs to be cleaned by caring, experienced professionals who will treat their pet as if it were their own.

Urgent Need Met

Most people don’t search for businesses online because they plan to do business in the future. In today’s society, people are accustomed to getting what they want right now, immediately, without having to wait. So in order for your business to be successful, your website needs to offer immediate solutions to common problems.

Lytron Web Design has helped hundreds of small businesses just like yours frame their offerings as solutions for prospective customers looking to meet their urgent needs. And we can help you, too. Call today for a FREE consultation!

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