New High Tech Tools Help Target Terrorists

Technology changes all the time. And changes in tech often lead to changes in the way people interact with it.

For example, the iPhone was first introduced in 2005, which really wasn’t all that long ago. Prior to that, lots of people didn’t have mobile phones. Ad those that did couldn’t use them for much more than talking. Today, it’s pretty rare for anybody to actually use their smartphone to make a phone call. But they use them for pretty much everything else imaginable.


For businesses to be successful, it’s critical that they pay attention to rapid shifts in technology. Companies that didn’t see the Information Age coming were left in the dustbin of history. Similarly, if your website is still mainly built for use on desktop computers or even laptops, you are way, way, way behind the times!

Most people use their smartphones for finding the products and services they want. And thanks to high-speed internet and pretty much global WiFi, they aren’t willing to wait around for your mobile-optimized website to download onto their phones. If it’s not ready instantly, they are likely going to move on to somebody else. And you may have lost a customer forever.

Local, Fast, and Persistent

Today’s best small businesses take advantage of the advances in tech. They don’t run to catch up with them. And they certainly don’t ignore them.

At Lytron Web Design, we can upgrade your website so that it is not only mobile-ready but also poised to capitalize on the hyper-local nature of today’s commercial internet searches. We can get your business posted at the top of the Google responses. And we can optimize it so that visitors are engaged and will stick around to buy.

There’s too much at stake to be a technophobe in today’s web-based business environment. Lytron Web Design has the solutions your business needs to win the war for online customers.



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