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When it comes to launching your brand, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. In fact, most customers will be more comfortable with your brand if it offers something familiar and approachable.

Originality is an important part of branding strategy, but it’s not the only part. If your brand is too unusual or off the wall, it’s probably going to turn off more people than it attracts. A better plan is often to use an existing brand template as the starting point for launching your business’s brand.

Brand Prototypes

There are tried and true archetypes that define the majority of enterprises. Usually, the one that most closely matches your company’s goals, aspirations, and reasons for existing is pretty much self-evident. All it takes is familiarizing yourself with the most popular brand archetypes and choosing the one that best fits the way you want to define your business.

Then it’s simply a matter of applying that archetype to all future marketing endeavors. Once you figure out the way you want people to see your business, it is relatively easy to apply that brand to everything you do to get the message across to people.

Lytron Strategic

At Lytron Strategic, we have been helping business define their brand through existing familiar archetypes for more than a decade. We’ve found it to be the fastest, most efficient, and most cost-effective way to get the attention of customers and the loyalty of customers.

Our team of experienced, knowledgeable brand strategists can work with you to discover the best existing brand archetype for your company and then develop a game plan for using that prototype in all of your online marketing. The result is often instant, powerful connections with people actively looking online for the exact types of products and/or services your business offers. And because they already are familiar with the type of branding you offer, they likely will choose your more often than your competitors.

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