Competitive shopping is when business owners visit other similar businesses in their area to see what they are up against. It’s a highly effective, time-tested concept that lets you assess your competitors while looking for ideas you can incorporate into your own enterprise.

The same idea exists in the virtual world as well. To improve your own business website, it’s worthwhile to frequently visit those of your direct competitors. Look especially for the things they are doing well as well as what you perceive as their weaknesses. Both can help you improve our own website.

Landing Pages

When you land on a competitor’s website, what immediately engages your attention? Are you compelled to move further into the page? Or is there something that distracts you or turns you off?

These are important questions because they apply just as much to your business’s website as they do to your competitors. And once you view the competing websites you visit with a critical eye, you can apply that same scrutiny to your own pages to make improvements and make visiting them a better experience for your page visitors.

Lytron Web Design

The web page creators at Lytron Web Design can help you implement any upgrades you want into your business websites. We can even help you understand what your competitors are doing better than you and how you can take their best ideas and make them your own in unique and effective ways.

Visiting competitors’ websites is an important tool in improving your own. Lytron Web Design not only creates web pages we also constantly upgrade them. If you discover a competitor’s page that you think is highly effective, send us a link so we can check it out. Improving your web pages so they are a better experience for your customers and bring you more sales is our top priority.

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