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Social media is always changing. The platforms that were most popular last year may not bring the same number of results this year. And new platforms are springing up all the time. So how can business owners know which ones to spend their most time, attention, and effort on to get the best results?

Lytron Strategic is constantly monitoring the fast-changing world of social media so you can get the most for your digital marketing money. We track the trends, the news, and the traffic so you don’t have to. And we apply our knowledge to get your business’s posts in the places where they will get the best response.

Social Media Changes

So Twitter is now X. Facebook is now Meta and has its own platform called Threads. And Instagram is aping TikTok with a short-form video stream called Reels. And that’s just the past couple of months. There also are new platforms launghing all the time, many of which only appeal to a particular audience or age group.

People love social media. And they aren’t loyal to any particular site. Essentially, they will go to whatever sites is the most popular at the moment. Or to where their friends go. So keeping up with the fast-changing world of social media is helpful in engaging people in the platforms they use most.

Lytron Strategic

There’s very little value in spending time, money, and effort on a platform that was popular yesterday. Instead, smart businesses get their marketing message in the spaces people visit today. Social media is fickle. So keeping up with the changes can mean making the most of your digital marketing budget.

At Lytron Strategic, we maximize your business’s social media presence by only posting content on the pages where your customers (both current and future) are most likely to be spending the most time.

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