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One small change to your digital marketing strategy can instantly transform your online ads from passive to highly active. All you need to do is to add geo-specific keywords to your online content.

What do we mean by “geo-specific”? Simply where geographically you are targeting customers for your business. Add a few simple keywords such as a town, a neighborhood, or even a street tell Google and other search engines to point prospective customers in that specific geographic area toward your business.

Hyper Local

For example, let’s say you own a body shop in the Banksville neighborhood of Pittsburgh. If you post online ads, blog posts, and other digital content related to your business and never mention where you are located, the search engine algorithms will simply point your content at global customers — both literally and figuratively. But if you focus on keywords like “Pittsburgh auto body shop”, your content is more likely to turn up on the phones, tablets, and laptops of people in Pittsburgh.

But there are probably hundreds of body shops in Pittsburgh. So by making your keywords even more geo-specific — such as “Banksville body shop” — you can narrow the search down even further Now you are competing now with dozens, but with only a handful of other local body shops for the attention of people in your hyper-local area.

Lytron Web Design

The smaller the size of the competitors, the more likely people are to choose your business. Using geo-specific keywords can narrow down the search and bring more people who are actively looking for exactly the kind of products or services you provide in your specific area.

Lytron Web Design can then optimize your content even further so that people will choose your business over everybody else. Let’s work together to get your business at the top of the search engines that drive digital marketing.

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