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Every market has a saturation point. It could be a global market for a mass market ad campaign or a hyper-local market for a highly specific product or service. The size and scope of the market doesn’t matter. At a certain point, people within that market are going to become overwhelmed by a specific promotional campaign and instead of attracting new people, it will start to repel them.

You can probably think about certain ads that you have grown tired of or even annoyed with. Maybe it played incessantly on your local television or radio station. Today, an oversaturated market is more likely to be found online and may include something like an Instagram ad that always pops up in your feed every time you click on the site.

Cautious Saturation

The key to a successful digital strategy is to neither over-saturate nor under-saturate the marketplace, regardless of its size or scope. What you want to do is to find the “sweet spot” where the maximum number of customers are located but without overwhelming them with your online content to the point where they are turned off to your business rather than turned on

Finding that perfect point is a unique skill. But it’s one we have been perfecting at Lytron Strategic pretty much since the global internet began.

Lytron Strategic

At Lytron Strategic, we understand that bigger isn’t always better. In fact, too much of a good thing can actually do more harm than good to your brand and business.

We can help you develop, distribute, and maintain highly effective brand messaging that promotes your business and develops customer loyalty, rather than harming your reputation and turning people off. Our brand strategists have the experience, knowledge, and tools to find new customers, build brand loyalty, and bring growth and prosperity to your business.


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