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The images and content you use on your web pages should always be original. If you do use a photo, video, or writing created by somebody else, unless you have their permission in writing and/or have paid a licensing fee, you can get in legal trouble if you use it online as part of your marketing.

Taking or using your own pictures, making original videos, or writing original content is the best way to offer your customers something fresh and new while avoiding accusations of plagiarism or copyright infringement later.

Creating Content

Thanks to today’s technology, coming up with original art, pictures, and even videos is super easy. Your smartphone probably has as much production capability and camera tech on it than was available in Hollywood’s biggest studios just a few decades ago.

If you are experienced at writing, you can create your own textual content as well. Otherwise, you can hire professional writers to create clear, concise, and effective content for you. Connecting with original words and images can attract the attention of new customers, retain existing clients, and build long-term loyalty bonds that can build your business.

Lytron Web Design

If you aren’t experienced at designing web pages or aren’t sure which images or other content make the strongest connections, Lytron Web Design has you covered. We can assist you in finding original art, creating all-new content, and making fresh and exciting websites that genuinely connect with customers.

Trying to take shortcuts by using other people’s images or writing is not only risky but also fails to put your personality and stamp on your web content. It can also lead to legal problems. At Lytron Design, we have the experience, knowledge, and tools to create original, refreshing web content for your business that brings you the results you want.


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