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Nowadays, most websites include some sort of video on both their home page and their jump pages. Video adds dynamic motion, drawing the site visitor into your business and instantly engaging them in new and exciting ways.

Until recently, web designers tended to shy away from video because they took so long to load. The fear was that too many visitors would click off after becoming impatient with the loading wait time. But speeds and bandwidth have increased and today videos load instantly in most cases.

Value of Video

A website without video is static, meaning it doesn’t have any motion. People using the web today are accustomed to watching streaming videos so they come to expect some sort of action on your website from the moment they land there. If you don’t have any video on your business website, it can look strange and off-putting for people used to watching videos on their devices all day.

If you can include videos on your website, it’s a good idea to do so. Videos add a whole other dimension to your business website, inviting visitors to step inside and see what it is you have to offer. Videos also give you room to show why your products and services are superior to your competitors and boost your argument that visitors should choose your business over everybody else.

Lytron Web Design

The skilled, experienced web professionals at Lytron Web Design can seamlessly weave video into your business website, improving its effectiveness while strengthening loyalty bonds with your customers. They are simple to include and boost value and aesthetics.

When you include videos on your website, you offer people more reasons to do business with your company. Lytron Web Design can make your business websites more active, more compelling, and more successful with the simple addition of video.

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