People make more genuine connections when they associate a business with an actual person rather than simply a vague concept. When you put a face on your business — putting somebody front and center on your marketing, promotions, and advertising — it can engage people on a personal and emotional level that has a more lasting impact.

Think about your own experience. Don’t you tend to remember commercials or print advertisements that feature one person in particular, be it the owner or founder of the company, a spokesperson for the business, or even simply a model hired to be featured in the marketing?

Face Time

It’s wired into our human psychology to make genuine, emotional connections with people rather than things. We’re naturally social beings. So focusing your marketing on individual people offers a shortcut to positive emotional bonds with prospective customers. To make it easier for people to connect with your business, keep it simple by choosing just one or a few people to be the focal point of your marketing campaigns.

But who should be featured? Somebody with a lot of personal charm and charisma but also a person who seems approachable, open, and friendly. Physical attractiveness is a plus, too, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be somebody who looks like a movie star or who has the body of a professional athlete. Normal people relate better to other everyday people.

Lytron Strategic

At Lytron Strategic, we have plenty of great ideas about how to make your digital marketing more appealing to people actively looking online for businesses just like yours. We can help you choose a face for your business the develop strategies for leading people to your business organically.

When you put a face on your business, people feel more comfortable interacting with it, adding warmth, likeability, and even passion for your products or services.

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