lytron fort lauderdale strategic agency 1
lytron fort lauderdale strategic agency 1

Today’s small businesses need to have a website where customers can go to learn more about their products and services. With so much commerce switching to online, not having a business website today isn’t practical.

But for small business owners, a single website isn’t going to be enough to penetrate today’s digital-centric marketplace. Instead, the most effective approach is to have a multi-pronged approach that includes both traditional and mobile websites, social media campaigns, direct message capability, and more. Your competitors are likely already doing these things to capture your customers. So if you hope to maintain your market share — let alone grow it — these are the minimum you need to be doing.

Multi-Platform Campaign

Think about the way you look for the products and services you want. Most likely, you aren’t going to drive around your neighborhood looking for a car mechanic, for example. Instead, you are much more likely to Google “car mechanics near me” on your smart phone or tablet. Or you may rely on word of mouth referrals which you would get — you guessed it — from your friends or contacts on social media.

Your customers do the same thing. Everybody does these days. So in order to remain competitive, your small business needs to have multi-platform campaigns that promote your business where you customers are paying attention: Their phones and other devices.

Lytron Web Design

You might think from our name that we specialize exclusively in designing websites. But our business has evolved along with the marketplace. We now offer multi-platform campaigns that penetrate the digital marketplace for small business owners. We can launch and maintain social media campaigns, produce weekly blog content, and even attract business to your primary and mobile websites.

As the business environment changes, successful small businesses need to adapt. With Lytron Web Design on your side, you can capture a larger market share and build your business, your customer base, and your profits.

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